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We Have Made The Process of Filling Bankruptcy Really Simple and Straight Forward for You!

Information for bankruptcy clients of our Law Office.

There are two basic scenarios under which we can file your bankruptcy petition.

  1. Non-Emergency
  2. Emergency (Your house is to be sold at Sheriff’s auction tomorrow, your car is about to be repossessed, etc.)

We file most of our petition on non-emergency basis but there are cases when we recommend emergency filing to our clients.

At any rate, before we can file, we need you to:

  1. read and sign our Retainer Agreement
  2. take a Credit Counseling Course. (a.k.a. First Bankruptcy Class)
    (You can use any provider from Court Approved List,  just scroll down for Northern district of Georgia)
If you file non- emergency, you need to provide to us:
  1. Your Credit Report
  2. Your “Payment Advices” e.g.:
    1. Last 2 months of your Pay Stubs (if you are employed)
    2. So called “Letter in Lieu of Pay Stubs”; meaning a Letter in Place of Pay Stubs (in case you are unemployed or self- employed). We can help you to compose it.
  3. Long Client Intake Sheet
If you file emergency, you need to provide to us:
  1. Short Client Intake Form in the day of filing
  2. The same documents as clients filing non- emergency (within 3 days.)
Pulling your credit report:
You can pull the credit report for free, once a year from Annual Credit Report; or there are some commercial sites that give you actually better information. One of them is, for example Free Score. You just have to be careful because you have to become their member and cancel the membership (usually within 3 to 7 days) to avoid them charging your credit card. Freescore is our favorite because it’s got really comprehensive information from all 3 credit bureaus and also credit score. As far as we are concerned, any credit report that contains creditor addresses will do.


Attend Your Meeting of Creditors (a.k.a. 341 meeting)

There is usually only one meeting you will have to go to. It is called Meeting of Creditors. The meeting is, in most cases, very formal and short. You will be accompanied by attorney Lenn- so there is nothing to be afraid of.

If, for any reason, you can’t attend the meeting let us know A.S.A.P. One of our attorneys will contact the Court or file a Motion requesting Continuance of the Meeting. There is a charge of $75 do do that.

 Take Second Bankruptcy Course.

There are 2 courses you are required to take before your bankruptcy case can be finalized and debts discharged.

  1. The first one, you have already taken (credit Counseling Class) because a bankruptcy case cannot be filed without it.
  2. The second one, is called “Course on Financial Management” and is sometimes referred to as Second Bankruptcy Course.

Please, do take it in a timely manner because we saw our clients’ cases dismissed for not doing so. It can be taken online. Here is a link to Court Approved Providers. Just follow it and scroll down for Northern district of Georgia. Make sure you take the Debtor Education Class. (2nd class pre-discharge) The cheapest so far is $10 Debtor Education but if you find a cheaper one let us know so we can recommend it. When you are done with the class, just save it and email it to us. We will file it for you with the Court. Please follow your email with the phone call to make sure we received it.

Stick to your Filling Fee Schedule

In case you are paying the Court Filling Fee in installments, you want to stick with the Court approved schedule. Remember, your case can get dismissed for not making your payments.

How to sign a PDF
 You can sign a documentin pdf format right on your smartphone or tablet. Please, follow the link to find out how.


Thank you for being client of the Law Office of Lisa Lenn!

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